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I’ve continued my quest to identify some of the small improvements, enhancements and new features in Apple’s latest mobile operating systems. These are changes you should know about, but may not yet heard of.

Safari on iPadOS loads the full desktop version of websites you visit by default – but this is sometimes a problem if you want to load the mobile version to access something (particularly multimedia content).

Are you someone who ends up with dozens of still-open websites in Safari tabs on your iDevice? Open Settings>Safari and scroll down to the Tabs section where you should select Close Tabs. You can choose to close tabs manually, or automatically after a day, week or month.

You can open all the pages contained inside a Bookmarks folder. Just open the Bookmarks drawer and tap and hold the folder icon for the selection you want to open. You’ll see all the pages and four controls:

If you’re coming to the end of your network data allocation and want to squeeze your way through to the next contract period, try using Data Saving mode. This limits data used by apps in the background, such as automatic app downloads, updates, message retrieval and the like.

You can also reduce background use of data on a Wi-Fi network. Tap Wi-Fi, tap the name of the active network and enable Low Data Mode.

One feature you won’t know you’re using: intelligent duplicate detection in Photos means you won’t see duplicate images in any gallery views.

Sick of those marketing emails? Tried to unsubscribe, but they still make it through? Messages you don’t need getting past your Junk filter?

Try blocking the sender and automatically filing their messages into your trash. Settings>Mail>Blocked Sender Options is where to look.

You can also mute threads or get notified when new messages come through when you swipe a message and tap More.

Open an email and tap the reply icon, then tap Flag. You’ll find that you can now flag messages for later reference using any of seven colors, or tap the last choice to remove an existing flag.

You’ll also find a whole series of new email formatting options (at last including bullet points), just tap the Aa icon when writing a reply. Or tap the scanner icon (a square with four lines around each corner) to scan a document directly into an email.

While it seems to me that apps in Messages ended up becoming little more than amusing GIFs, travel details and Game Pigeon, Apple has at least made it a little easier to manage all those in-app apps.

PS: I hope Apple lets us edit the suggested Shares row in the Sharing tab. People just don't like the fact they can't. I'm getting multiple complaints from readers about this.

I've mentioned this before: If you want to scan a document directly into your Files app, just tap the Ellipsis icon above Browse and choose Scan Documents. The end.

Apple has replaced the Updates icon in the App Store with the Apple Arcade icon. You can still control when you choose to update your apps: Just tap your Account icon while in the App Store and you’ll find them there.

You can now use Siri/dictation to search anywhere on your device; just tap the waveform icon you’ll see in the search bar.

It attempts to reduce battery aging (and thus the duration of usable battery life) by learning your daily charging routine. It will then delay charging the device beyond 80% until it figures you are most likely to use the device.

It means if your iPhone rests on its wireless pad during the night and wakes you with a merry Ice T track every morning at 6 a.m., your iPhone won’t be charged over 80% until just before wake up time.

Apple now has a dedicated Downloads Manager in Safari. This lets you save all your Safari downloads to your iCloud Drive, if you want. This is great for Apple as it tries to get you hooked on renting online storage space – and good for you, as you should find the same files on any device.

However, you can also set this to save to other online storage services, or directly to your iPad/iPhone.

One more thing: Tap and hold any link in Safari and you’ll be able to open it, add it to your Reading List and so on, but you’ll also be able to tap Download Linked File to save it directly to your Downloads folder.

Undo hasn’t gone: now you don’t need to shake your device, you just need to quickly tap your display three times with three fingers, or swipe right with three fingers to find the Undo command. Or tap and hold the screen with three fingers to find Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste and Redo.

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